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200 Words & Below- Ovie

Last night I spoke to Ovie again. It was the second time we would speak this year and we talked over the same things we usually talked about- art that we both did not understand, hiking his newest mistress, traveling to the many places our thoughts could freely land on but our feet dared not and we talked about ageing…

We talked about the same things leaving out the things we really wanted to say; like the fact that I felt he looked very handsome with his beard uncombed or that I really wanted to take a walk with him down a busy road eating corn and ube; squeezing a bag of pure water down my throat; that I would not mind if at the end of that day he walked me to the front of my gate and followed me with his eyes until I disappeared into my one bedroom apartment; that I occasionally thought of him and smiled from the corner of my lips.

But that wasn’t what I was saying… I was talking about the weather; the scorching sun of March and April are now subsiding and the rain is beginning to flood my street again…

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