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For my Sister….

20160910-img_9976I watched as my sister carried her baby that warm evening… It was just one day after he was born

Everyone was in the room… My father who was still reveling in his new “grandpa” title and sole duty of shouting “E gbe E gbe” every time the young man did as little as whimper. My mum who was happily chatting with my dad, the new father who was on his feet all through moving between the room, the doctor’s office and phone calls, two nurses who chose to station themselves in the room at that time, me and my eyes.

She whispered into his ears…

As though they had unfinished gist they were catching up on, her hands rubbing the back of his cute hairy head. If I didn’t know better I would have thought it was just the two of them in that room. She closed her eyes smiling as she sang to him and rocked him back and forth for a couple of minutes before she beckoned for me to put him back in his bed.

That was such a high!

Watching your partner in crime be a mother… It is an overwhelming feeling!


My darling, motherhood looks good on you!

Truth is you have been a mother for much longer than the last few days

With me, you have been a mother since you were a teenager

A crazy but steady one

I’ve said this to you many times…

Watching you find and love God is one of the landmarks of my salvation story

When I finally did… I remember the day you said to me whilst reading a book “It is good to read books on faith but it would only give you the author’s interpretation of God’s word… Read the bible for yourself… read it more than you read books”

You were right… finding God in the pages of his word for myself was and remains the anchor of my faith… You could not have given me any better gift that this! And I am certain your son will receive the same gift from you in a much bigger package!

You are hardly ever swift to judge or blame anyone

With me you love to talk (perhaps too loudly) and guide quietly

When I’m going off track, you repeat your warnings (like an old woman); you love dramatizing by raising your hands or doing some awful dance or just rolling your big eyes.

I must say, your son is in for quite a ride!

I doubt there would ever be a dull moment with you…

I remember the first thing you said right after he was born… you felt he had your big mouth and you were happy he had hair! The moment you said that all my worry melted away… nothing had changed with you!

I pray nothing good about you changes boo… I pray that your humor remains as you start this new phase of your life, that your unflinching faith in God and in his power be felt as you groom him day by day, that by watching you he too will find the God you serve and love him with even more intensity than you can imagine, that when life throws blows like it has with us that you would remain as strong as you have always been- laughing and singing through every battle like I know you to always do,

I pray that when he grows and thinks of you he would always laugh like I do,

I pray he picks more than your big mouth but your voice and your passion for music,

I pray he picks your ability to wade through everything with strength and faith,

But above all…. I pray he is his own unique human just like you are.

Again my love… Motherhood looks great on you!


12 Responses to “For my Sister….”

  1. olusola

    lovely thots you av put out there in writing, and a huge congrats to your sis iyin n hubby, im really happy for her and ur family. God bless the new born you all…cheers!


  2. Yomi

    Hmm! beautiful words for a wonderful Iyinoluwa. Congratulations. I know golden words shall be written of you too.
    I am earnestly waiting to celebrate you too.


  3. Olaide Akinteye

    Congratulations Ogo. I’m certain you’ll be a great aunt. Congratulations to Iyinoluwa also
    The child grows in wisdom, stature and in favour with God and man



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