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almost one year WORTH of silence

January 28, 2017.

That was the last time I wrote anything here; even I would not have believed I could stay away from my blog for so long- weirdly I am not sure I missed writing enough. However, rather infrequently, I heard a silent voice say to me “you will lose this, you will lose this part of who you are, this part that you know is your truest form of expression”.

I occasionally felt a pang of guilt and loss.

But most of the time, I cherished the silence. I loved the feeling of being selfish about what I had inside, I enjoyed the process of living and taking many things in, I enjoyed the conversations I had alone in my head, the stories I made over many bus trips, the sights I felt were so rare, so magical that locking them up as secrets felt like the only appropriate thing to do- and maybe most importantly, I enjoyed the things I felt this year… feelings formed the biggest part of my stories, feelings I felt were too alive to be boxed into letters and sentences, feelings that were rather new and deeply satisfying, feelings of a sense of self knowing, acceptance and contentment at my every now.

Why must I express?” I often argued with myself.

So I waited for such a time as now. A time that I feel full enough to come back here (or maybe less mentally lazy to be honest!).

And the moment I began typing, I realize I miss this.

I miss this place.

So without further ado- You should see me here a lot more often!


Golden thought of the momentmany have not received love and hence do not know how to give it. If you can recognize what it is, at least you have received it once- give it back in a hundred fold! so that that hundred can give it back! and that hundred back. 

Every light kept lit with love pushes darkness one step away.


Photo Credit: FIFTYNINE





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