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3 apps that got me through 2018

It has been over a year since I wrote anything. Anything other than responding to emails, text messages and whatsapp messages. I often feel bad about the things that I have not been consistent with; the talents that I seem to have buried in the ground Matt 25:14-30. But rather than leave my coin covered in dirt, I have decided to dig it up again and give it a spin- Amen?

Over the last three years, I got on this incredible yet absolutely intense journey of starting my own family. It remains the most fulfilling path I have ever been on. You know that feeling of “I know I am right where I am supposed to be but still…. Ko easy mehn” Yea! That pretty much summarizes this new phase of loving not just myself but two other people! From almost always missing my alarm in the mornings, to the madness of getting ready for the life outside our brown door, and the hustle to get back behind it,  my life is literally a picture of that guy in the movies running to catch the last train.

If I were to pick a title for this season of my life I could say RUNNING.

In the midst of the many chapters I have run through in the last few months, I have relied heavily on the God and my phone (no shame guys). 3 apps have been my go-to apps to keep me sane and connected to the core of who I am. DEEZER would perhaps be my first go-to app any day; the dude knows all the corners my emotions run to and always has the right song for the right season. With more than 53 Million tracks, deezer makes me forget my personal music collection until I exhaust my data balance and remember my humble beginnings.

KEEP. Google Keep is my most personal app. This app is becoming my black, old, raggedy, leather notebook on my phone. One of the reasons I love this app is because it is integrated with my google account and allows me access to all my notes even when I do not have my phone. More, I love the fact that I can look back in time and see notes on prayer points that have been answered, things that were burning on my mind that remain aflame, love notes I jotted during the early days of our relationship, business ideas that were never executed. It shows me why certain areas of my life have blossomed and why I may be dawdling in others. I have been using this app for over 3 years and it is gradually replacing my love for pen and paper.

Finally my app of the year award goes to AUDIBLE!!! Pair this simple yet remarkable app with a wireless earpiece and you can be in different planets one book at a time. My best book experience on this app has got to be Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime. My most recent read/listen is Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility by Patty McCord a human resources consultant and former chief talent officer at Netflix (a great read for HR professionals and business leaders). Books are a huge part of my journey to self and I love that I can still catch up with reading/listening as I RUN through my day.

There it is guys my first spin of my unearthed coin! Do let me know what your favorite apps are.

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